Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Metallica's Metallica
Everyone laughed when Spinal Tap released a black album, everyone took Metallica seriously when they did the same thing. Surely the most controversial album cover of all time?

This album signified the change of direction of the power metal band, and broke them to new audiences globally……unlike Spinal Tap, this was a chart topper and still resonates today……

Enter the sandman……

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


At a time when the band was running hot….and to fill up an opportunity to keep fans satisfyied…..ACDC released a live album…….this really did capture the energy and raw nature the band had on the road, and importantly reinforced to all and sundry they were a power house in the making….

Everyone was outraged after Angus Young was depicted as being impaled on a guitar onstage. Bemusingly, Bon Scott singing, “Any virgins in Glasgow?” during ‘The Jack’ was met with much less clamour.

Some of the tracks on this album are still in the main set performed by the band, and surprisingly, the title of the album did not appear as a song until the acclaimed "Highway to Hell" album in 1979…..

If you haven't listened to this album, do your self a favour and crank it to 11…….and as Bon said….what's rock with out the noise?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ALBUM OF THE WEEK - Joe Satraini's Surfing with the Alien

Joe Satraini
Surfing with the Alien
First on our tour of objet d'art, let's take a look at the aesthetically pop-art cover from Joe Satraini, Surfing with the Alien. Reminiscent of an Andy Warhol or, even more so, American comic pop-art icon Roy Lichtenstein, this album cover employs primary colours, sharp, speeding lines and the Silver Surfer-inspired pseudo-male futuristic character. The balance of both depth and line are well dissected by his placement on the centre of the canvas.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rock culture from the mid 70's - Melbournes Sharpies

Rare 1974 insight to Sharpies in Melbourne. By Greg Macainsh.
Lobby Lloyd and Billy Thorpe concert at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Sharpies (also known as Sharps) were members of suburban youth gangs in Australia mainly from the 1960s to 1980s, particularly in Melbourne, but also in Sydney and Perth to a lesser extent.
The term comes from their focus on looking sharp. The dress and dance styles were strongly influenced by the British ska, mod and skinhead subcultures, and many of the Sharpies were British immigrants, recently arrived as "Ten Pound Poms". Common clothing items included Lee or Levi's jeans, sweaters and T-shirts (often designed by individual members). Sharpies would try to outdo fellow sharpies by creating the best patterns, colours and detail. Sharpies were known for being violent, although a strict moral code was also evident.

Sharpies gangs in Melbourne included Prahran Sharps, Melbourne Sharps and the A.N.A. Sharps and Anderson Rd Sharpies, from the Broadmeadows region in the mid 1970s. It wasn't unusual for there to be hundreds of Sharpies milling about. They often went to dances and early discos, and because of sheer numbers, they were almost untouchable by the police. This led to excessive violence on behalf of the Sharpies, who would basically fight who they wanted, and take beer and money from who they wanted. The Sharpies subculture faded out due to mistrust between gangs and excessive violence.
In Sydney Sharpie gangs included the "Town Hall Sharps" who congregated in hotels around the Sydney Town Hall notably the Town Hall Hotel and the Macquarie Hotel on the corner of Goulburn Street and Wentworth Avenue. Town Hall Sharps frequented dances at the Wesley Mission Centre in Pitt Street, which also were attended by gangs from Liverpool, Bankstown and Blacktown. In south-east Sydney a gang from the La Perouse area (called La Pa by the locals) were known as the Lapa Sharpies. Lapa Sharpies were atypical as they were largely made up of young Indigenous youth from around La Perouse and did not mix much with the other sharpie gangs.
Typical dress of the Sydney sharpies was running shoes or shoes with a white leather upper and no socks, jeans or straight legged, high-waisted trousers, La Coste style collared t-shirts and braces. Female sharpies or sharpie chicks tended to wear shoes with long socks, short skirts, and collared t-shirts with braces.
Sydney sharpies despised the Sydney surf culture and the focus of their violence was directed towards "Hairs", which referred to surfers, hippies or anyone with long hair.
In Perth, youths in areas such as Medina, Rockingham, Armadale, Kelmscott, Lynwood and Thornlie joined skinhead/Sharpie gangs. Many of these young people were children of recently arrived British migrants who built and ran the BP Kwinana Oil Refinery.

Monday, December 6, 2010

ALBUM OF THE WEEK - Rolling Stones' Beggars Banquet

Beggars Banquet is not even my favorite Rolling Stones album cover, but I've always admired it: gritty, dirty, bang-on for hitting the adolescent rock fan (of whatever age) square in the face ... and no doubt pissing off some parents to boot. It reminds me of travels around the world to small rock esque type dingy low lit bars….where the toil of true rock and sweat are born…..

The death of Tom Wilkes, 69, who created this and other rock album covers, reminds me of something that is often not obvious with Beggars Banquet, among many other items in my record collection: it was designed. Every rotten,Trainspotting-esque <>  element in the shot is there, not by accident. Says veteran Rolling Stone magazine writer David Fricke: "The magic and the sort of importance of album design was to be able to catch the eye, to try and get a sense of what the music and the personalities were inside and also make you want to buy it."

You can read that comment, and more about Tom Wilkes, here <> . Look also for some Rolling Stone links on album covers that matter. Let us know what you rekkon……and let us know your favs too!



Great album covers - deep purple's fireball

Monday, November 29, 2010

What me worry?? I read Mad...

'Sid Vicious Reading MAD Magazine'
Baton Rouge LA 1978 - Photo - Bob Gruen

Friday, November 26, 2010

Waiting at airports

Must say.... Waiting for a plane is either punchy... Or poignant ?

I'm on poignant, it's a drag going thru customs, baring your soul... Sitting in a lounge... and the fuk me... DELAY......

Yep I'm the guy waiting, wandering , thinking....

Is the plane sound? R they changing it because too many collingwood supporters are on it? Fuk collingwood i say....

Do tomorrow I will brung more ROCK. But now um waiting.... Like a good saints man...

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

God save the queen.....

God save the queen

We mean it man
And there is no future
In England's dreaming

No future, no future,
No future for you
No future, no future,
No future for me.... Sex Pistols

1968 Mustang....Classic icon of the 20th century

Monday, November 15, 2010

Great rock quotes

"Im more in love with Rock n Roll today than other things. It grows, you know? "
Bon Scott