Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Could Dave Gleeson really be about to join The Angels?

That's the word around the traps after The Screaming Jets frontman was spotted raising hell with the Brewster Brothers (a side-project featuring The Angels' founding members Rick and John Brewster) at a pub show in Adelaide joining them on stage to belt out some Angels tunes.
The Angels question was put to Dave during his weekly rock report on Triple M Adelaide's Hot Breakfast after host Ali explained she was accosted by Angels fans at an Adelaide cafe asking whether it was true that Dave was really set to replace singer Doc Neeson.
Dave laughed off the rumour but he said he'd love to keep working with the Brewster Brothers. "I love them and their music. [The Brewster Brothers] asked me to get up and belt out a few Angels tunes with them. It was unreal!"

Eyewitness reports say the show went off. Dave was literally plucked from the crowd and nailed versions of "Marseilles" and "Take A Long Line".
"We'd done three or four [songs] and John Brewster turned to me and said 'do you know the words to "Are You Ever Gonna See My Face Again"?' And I said 'I think I might'," he laughed. "I know the call and response bit anyway."
It's a mouth-watering proposition to think of players from two of Australia's best pub rock bands would team up. While Dave didn't say he'd be joining The Angels, he said he was about to head into the studio with John and Rick.

"They've got tracks they've recorded for the Brewster Brothers. They release albums fairly regularly and they've asked me if I'd come in and do a bit of a warble as a guest singer with them."
Things have been a bit quite on The Angels front since last year's Dark Room tour with both the Brewster Brothers and Doc Neeson concentrating on solo projects and currently touring around the place. We'll have to wait and see what's next for The Angels.

What do you think of Dave Gleeson as The Angels new singer?

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